Few DJs put as much energy, intensity and insanity into their sets as Venom. Coming at you with headbanging sounds and sick scratching skills, this rave veteran fills the dancefloors with stomping feet and hardcore beats. Venom first gained notoriety in the early 90s, releasing countless mixtapes and showing off his award winning turntable skills at events all over the country. He won the New England DJ Spin-Off in 1997 and placed 2nd two years in a row at the WMC DJ Battles. In 2000, he signed with the legendary Chicago hard house label Underground Construction and released a number of top selling CDs such as the House Blend, Straight Bangin’ and Raise the Volume series. In 2011, Venom signed with Hard Dance Nation, producing a monthly mix for their popular podcast series and championing the sounds of the American hard dance movemnt. After 2 decades of DJing, Venom still keeps a busy tour schedule bringing his relentless performances to the underground warehouse parties of the East Coast to the bright stages of EDC Vegas. Venom has a full length album due out in June of 2016 as well as slew of singles and remixes slated for release on a variety of labels including his own Morlock Musik. So get ready for the mayhem. Get ready for the chaos. Get ready for DJ Venom!


Komet is fully prepared to engage any party with banging, unique hard dance music and awesome, energetic performances. With years of DJing and producing under his belt, Komet has a number of electrifying releases on labels such as Hard Dance Nation, Bitcreate, and more. The Cincinnati native continues to radiate music from his studio at sonic speed. His determination to revamp the hard dance experience remains stronger than ever while still planning to expand his musical horizons with only the stars as an obstacle.


Alex Verduzco also known as Hostile is an American DJ and music producer from San Diego, CA. Starting out in 2000 he has developed into a versatile player in the Hard Dance and Hip Hop scenes. In 2011 he released his first EP with Contraseña Records sub label C.H.R Digital under his former alias ‘Nats Beats’. Later on founded on MySpace by So.Cal. Connect Music’s A&R DJ Eseal, he released two more 4 track EP’s ‘Party Going On’ 2012 and ‘U. S Hardstyle’ 2013. Today Hostile continues to produce more music branching out to different genres such as Dubstep and Trap fused with his hard dance sound. Stay tuned lots of music on the way!


For almost a decade, Rob Rowman has been forging his sound throughout the northeast, from his early heavy electro and fidget into his current style of vocal infused progressive uplifting trance. Rob Rowman’s Seasonal Sessions Podcast gives listeners a dose of that sound and his upcoming track “Break the Rules” will be released on Morlock Musik in 2016. Rob will deliver a hard hitting, club bumping set that is guaranteed to take the party into A State Of Trance!


Sean Creamer may be young, but he already possesses a serious skill set that hasn’t gone unnoticed. This phenom has already opened for acts such The Chainsmokers and Bro Safari, and continues to slam dance floors with his take on deep house. Sean’s remixes and original tracks are also gaining attention as he prepares his debut release later on this year.


Some say he broke out of Arkham Asylum. Others believe he broke out of a window in hell. He is DJ Zydrate, the hardcore gabber of Morlock Musik. This innovative, young disk jockey has dedicated his career to bringing life to the underground by using hard distorted bass, bone chilling synths, and filthy bass lines. Playing a wide range of events for crews such as Vampire Freaks and Tight Crew, this fucking fuck does whatever the fuck he wants, whenever the fuck he wants, and however the fuck he wants because fuck you.


Over the past year, newcomer Bobby Mello has evolved from a hyperactive glover with a bad DJ name (Rage Ranger!) to a hyperactive crowd rocking DJ who goes by his real name. Bobby has caused some serious booty shaking at events such as Morlock Musik’s FReQ Fridays, Northern Lights’ Womp Em Wednesdays and NextHype’s DGAF. Check out his upcoming podcast, a must-listen for all fans of house, drum’n’bass and moombah. It will make you forget all about that Rage Ranger guy!


Born in the country of the Great Himalayas, Mixonomist started his music career rocking the clubs and radio waves of his native Nepal. In 2004, he left his homeland and came to America, following his dream and his destiny. After joining Morlock Musik, Mixonomist continued honing his skills while spinning his brand of electro, house, progressive & trance throughout New England. His “Above the Influence” mix is scheduled later this year, as well as his foray into track production. For Mixonomist, this is just a beginning, not the end. Morlock’s biggest import is continuing to rise.


From the down-tuned and minor key symphony, Joey Electric looks onto the death danCe floor of Hades. He dwells in the undead mix of the underworld, bringing the rave scene and the goth-industrial world into an epic collision. Somewhere between the pulsing oscilaters and 909 kicks, Joey Electric punishes the rejoicing crowds all around the East Coast. He wants to burn the sky with a vigilant fire and give his music immortality. His “Danse.Death.Repeat” CDs are a soundtrack for the impending doom that ushers in the Prince of Hard Dance and his epic sets. Put your horns in the air to welcome Joey Electric, for he has come to “Slay Them With Synth.”


MnM has been in the scene since 2011 now and always knows how to move the crowd and drop some heavy beatz! Known for his heart pounding hard dance and drum and bass, MnM has been destroying the floors at the hottest venues all over the New England EDM scene. His upcoming double mix release will show both sides of this diverse DJ.


Born in La Ceiba, Honduras and raised in Federal Hill, Rhode Island, DJ Rebel began his career playing house parties in 1995. His first residency brought his deep, tribal and techno sounds to the legendary Energy night where Rebel solidified his name as a beast behind the turntables, and he began making guest appearances at many of New England’s top venues. For almost two decades, Rebel’s dedication and commitment has kept him close to the sounds that he fell in love with as a teenager and he continues to push the music with his popular Drum Machine mix series.


Chaos D’s love for Hardcore took form upon listening to the well known Happy 2B Hardcore series mixed by Anabolic Frolic and the popular Bonkers series brought together by DJ’s/Producers Hixxy and Sharkey. He acquired his first set of decks in 2007 and his determination set in to deliver a vibe only he could present. Assimilating as many skills and tricks as possible from other talented DJ’s around the east coast and over seas, everything fell into place. This rapidly growing DJ should not go overlooked or underestimated as he has burned up the dance floor for events such as the massive Candyball, Tight Crew’s Space Jam 2, Mario Party & Nightmare Before Christmas, Mutiny’s Back From the Dead to School 2, and Hard Hits on numerous occasions. There is no slow down in sight as this signed DJ of Trackmaster Music & Monster of Morlock Musik unleashes his uplifting chaos!


Born and raised down south in El Paso, TX, Statik Jumpen “jumped” onto the hard dance scene at a young age. Producing and spinning Hard House At the age of 14 he began producing and spinning hard house heavily influenced by producers and Dj’s, such as Mark V. & Poogie Bear, House “O” Holics, Dj Venom, Dj Irene, and more. He then created his own unique productions of Hard House, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Tekstyle, and Jumpstyle. Statik Jumpen gained a reputation for his innovative and crazy bootleg mixes of all different pop artists. Aqua, Selena Gomez, Korn, Emimem, Adele…no one was safe from his remixes! He will continue his path on this journey along with the monsters at Morlock Musik, and take over the hard dance scene and everything else that gets in the way.


Andee McMahon (Tailz) is a trap/bass producer hailing from Providence, RI. Though a relative newcomer to the electronic world, Tailz has his roots in heavy metal, alternative rock and early rap and hip hop, making his stylings diverse and appealing to fans of all types of dance music. Since the release of his debut EP “Bad Boy Bounce” Tailz is busy cutting his teeth on various collaborations and remix projects. Make no mistake, Tailz is taking his headbanging, energetic style to new heights as he solidifies his status as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to throwing a righteous party!


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