Born and raised down south in El Paso, TX, Statik Jumpen “jumped” onto the hard dance scene at a young age. Producing and spinning Hard House At the age of 14 he began producing and spinning hard house heavily influenced by producers and Dj’s, such as Mark V. & Poogie Bear, House “O” Holics, Dj Venom, Dj Irene, and more. He then created his own unique productions of Hard House, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Tekstyle, and Jumpstyle. Statik Jumpen gained a reputation for his innovative and crazy bootleg mixes of all different pop artists. Aqua, Selena Gomez, Korn, Emimem, Adele…no one was safe from his remixes! He will continue his path on this journey along with the monsters at Morlock Musik, and take over the hard dance scene and everything else that gets in the way.