FReQ Friday every week at Alchemy in Providence!


DJ VENOM (hardstyle, Hard dance)


Few DJs put as much energy, intensity and insanity into their sets as Venom. Coming at you with headbanging sounds and sick scratching skills, this rave veteran fills the dance floors with stomping feet and hardcore beats.  Venom first gained notoriety in the early 90s, releasing countless mix tapes and showing off his award winning turntable skills at events all over the country.  He won the New England DJ Spin-Off in 1997 and placed 2nd two years in a row at the WMC DJ Battles.  In 2000, he signed with the legendary Chicago hard house label Underground Construction and released a number of top selling CDs such as the House Blend, Straight Bangin' and Raise the Volume series.  In 2011, Venom  began  championing the sounds of the American hard dance movement every month through his Hard Dance Nation Podcast and later his War Journal Podcast.  After 2 decades of DJing, Venom still keeps a busy tour schedule bringing his relentless performances to the underground warehouse parties of the East Coast to the bright stages of EDC Vegas.  Venom's full length album Civil Unrest is due out in 2019 as well as slew of singles and remixes slated for release on a variety of labels including his own Morlock Musik.  

So get ready for the mayhem.  Get ready for the chaos.  Get ready for DJ Venom!


Eddie Brock (Drum'n'bass)


From the depths of hell, the dark Drum'n'Bass sounds of EDDIE BROCK herald in the darkness. 

Expect nothing but terrifying tracks and sinister scratches from Eddie Brock, the masked alter ego

of DJ Venom.  He brought nightmares to the world of the living with his "I See Dead People" and 

"Funeral Pyre" mixes, and his latest release "Shadow People" is already causing panic. 

Don't say we didn't warn you!